4 Fragrances to Try if You Love Sweet Grace

January 04, 2019

4 Fragrances to Try if You Love Sweet Grace

Love Sweet Grace but want to try something new? Lucky for you, you can continue lighting a candle and feeding a child with these four fragrances which have similar traits to Sweet Grace. If you're looking to branch out, but not sure where to start, here's what we recommend: 

1. Storybook Dreams

This scent lives in the oriental fragrance category with Sweet Grace, but it leans more towards the vanilla side where Sweet Grace has a fruity tilt.

storybook dreams scented candle

2. Remember When

Similar to Sweet Grace, Remember When is a fan favorite. It was recently featured by Real Simple because they love its spicy notes which mix perfectly with a hint of vanilla in the gourmand category of oriental fragrance, a space Sweet Grace lives as well.

 Remember When scented candle

3. Blue Door

Did you know that Sweet Grace actually has a woody note? Blue Door shares this quality, but its woody note is accompanied by fresh fouguere fragrance which gives it more of a light scent than Sweet Grace's fruity punch.

blue door scented candle

4. Open Road

Open Road shares Sweet Grace's bright and lively fruity scent, but this fruity note is paired with floral fragrance that makes it feel a little more light and airy than the oriental notes that characterize Sweet Grace. 

Open Road scented candle

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