4 Tips if You Have Anthropologie Taste on a Target Budget

July 17, 2019

4 Tips if You Have Anthropologie Taste on a Target Budget

1. Follow influencers with the Anthro. aesthetic and shop their exclusive sales. 

Sometimes following along with a social influencer who has the style you’re hoping to adopt can have benefits even better than daily inspiration and entertainment. Influencers like @thecakebyhannah, @savillamountain, and @thecoastalconfidence share more affordable dupes for trending items as well as promo codes with Anthro-esque brands that they partner with.  

2. Get the Honey App for Chrome.
Honey is an easy Chrome plugin that automatically checks all the promos codes currently available on the web before you check out through online retailers!

3. DIY!

What sets Anthro. pieces apart are the unique details they use to take everyday pieces to extraordinary. You can put your own special touch on more affordable pieces by sewing a little lace on the hem of your jeans or a jacket, by adding a tassel to your purse, or by painting your initial with some floral details on a plain mug!

4. Find a candle scent that creates a personalized atmosphere in your home.

If you love the feeling you get when you walk into Anthropologie, think about the individual elements used to create the atmosphere inside. What do you smell? How bright is the light? Which colors catch your eye? You can recreate this experience in your own home by finding your signature scent in a vessel that complements your home’s color scheme. Strategically place a few different candles around the room to create a warm, welcoming glow.


Is there anyone who hasn't looked at their home and thought, "I wish my décor had a story."

Curating items that make you feel happy and fit in with your values is a great way to achieve your goals, and knowing that what you purchase gives back in a way that matters makes you more on trend than any Anthropologie item can.

At Bridgewater, we say that your home décor should express the best parts of your personality.

With 1 candle, you can make your space smell good and feel good knowing that you're feeding a child in need.

Sweet Grace Collection candles come in a variety of vessels exclusive to Bridgewater. The Sweet Grace fragrance can be found only in our collection, and all of our products are made in the USA at our home office.