5 ways to create consistency in the midst of transition

July 26, 2019

5 ways to create consistency in the midst of transition

As summer winds down, we begin thinking about and preparing for what's next. Mothers prepare children to get back on a school schedule, young men and women pack suitcases and reconnect with friends as they head back to college for the fall semester, and those of us in the working world adjust our schedules to accommodate busier commutes to our jobs. Everyone makes their way through transitional seasons, and as we approach the beginning of a new school year, it reminds us of our need for consistency. Keeping just a few things constant in the midst of transition incorporates a sense of calm in each day, regardless of the changes happening around you. We hope these five tips are helpful for you, whatever your season holds.

1. Have a fixed dinner time at home once a week.

Put "cooking with husband" on your google calendar if that's what it takes. Being at home, cooking a meal and enjoying it with your family around the table is one of the best ways you can center your family and yourself. Having a set time for dinner and planning ahead of time what you'll cook takes the stress out of dinner and making sure everyone is fed before their next event. Setting aside the time to hear about each other's day over your home-cooked meal also helps you stay in-the-know which can make changing seasons easier.


2. Define your morning routine.

Creating a plan for the first three things you'll do each morning is a great way to prepare yourself mentally for a calm, productive day. The first few minutes of each day often set the tone for the rest of the day, and deciding ahead of time what the first three things you think about will be is a great way to proactively care for yourself in the midst of transition. We recommend thinking of something you're thankful for first, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly, and choosing one thing to accomplish today.  

4. Accept the fact that change is natural, and it is good.

Choosing to accept the changes you experience in life as a natural part of your daily routine makes change itself a constant. If you can accept change for what it is and focus on the good, change itself can become something you associate with the consistent nature of your forward progress in life.


5. Decide what makes you feel at home, and indulge in it at the end of the day.

Is there a certain record, hobby, or fragrance that makes you feel like you're at home? If it's painting, take some time to relax and be creative when you can. If it's a certain scent, light that candle and breathe it in, letting it transport you back to the time and place it reminds you of. If it's the record your family liked to play on repeat, let it be the soundtrack of your transition as well. Dancing Fields reminds us of picking wildflowers and running home to share them with Mom, so that's what we'll be burning the next few months, as school gears up and free time in the flowers is more limited.