Father's Day Gift Guide

June 07, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide

How do you thank the man who helped you tackle everything for the first time? Father’s day is both an opportunity and a challenge for those of us who love our Dad with all we’ve got but feel like there’s no way to adequately thank him for all that he’s done and all that he is.

A good way to start Father’s Day preparation is by thinking back on your favorite memories with your Dad. Have you enjoyed watching baseball and eating Cracker Jacks in the summer? Do you have a certain place you like to go as a family to escape the daily grind? Are there inside jokes that never fail to make you laugh? These are the moments to bring back to life with the perfect Father’s Day gift.

If your Dad enjoys taking the family hiking, camping, or biking, pair an Afternoon Retreat sachet with a book about local hiking spots and let him choose the place you’ll go next.

Father's Day Gift Guide - Afternoon Retreat

If he’s all about a good road trip, put together a travel pack for him. An Open Road auto vent clip, gas card, and some of his favorite snacks will create the perfect travel buddy for the next trip he takes.

Father's Day Gift Guide - Open Road

Maybe your Dad is a steady worker, and you always looked forward to giving him a big hug when he walked in the door each evening. Pair a new tie, belt, or shirt with a sachet and some new letterhead. The fragrance will remind him that you appreciate his hard work every day.

Father's Day Gift Guide - Blue Door & Weekend Getaway

We can never repay our fathers for their love and support, but hopefully we can let them know just how much we appreciate them. Best wishes on your Father’s Day gift-giving, and thanks Dad.