Flameless Fragrance "Back to Campus"

August 18, 2017

Bridgewater Flameless Fragrance

We are just a few weeks away from a new school year from starting up again! And with this brings the inevitable back to school shopping list. Going beyond the needed pencils, notepads and textbooks there is an excitement heading into college and preparing for the college dorm room. Decorating and moving into a college dorm can be overwhelming. You are given a blank canvas to make the space your own. Moving from the familiarity and comfort of home sweet home to moving into the new normal of a college dorm room, bringing a fragrance to the space can transform the room from unfamiliar to comfort.

We do love candles and we do love fragrance. We also support not having flames in use in the dorm room, but let's break the barriers of bringing fragrance into a space. Bridgewater provides flameless fragrances that are perfect for any college space! No matter what your budget may be there is a fragrance for your space. From the small use and powerful fragrance of our Auto Vent Clips to our reed diffusers, there is a flameless fragrance product for any and every space in the dorm room. Here are some tips, tricks and life hacks to bring fragrance into a space.

  • Place a Petite Reed Diffuser on your desk, keeping your room fresh
  • Use an Auto Vent Clip and place it on the vent in your dorm
  • Place a sachet with your towels and sheets to keep them smelling fresh
  • Place a sachet in your closet and drawers

Let Bridgewater’s Flameless Fragrances welcome you into your dorm sweet dorm.

We want to help you deck your dorm room out with fragrance! Participate in our College Pinterest Scavenger hunt and you could win the item you pin! Simply follow the instructions in the image below to get started. Winner will be chosen on August 31st. Open to U.S. residents only. Happy pinning!