How to Repurpose Jars

October 06, 2017

Jar Candle Repurpose


Our candles smell fantastic but they also look great! So what do you do when you’re done burning your candle but can’t bring yourself to get rid of empty container? Repurpose it! If you’ve burned through a jar candle we have a DIY to help fill the void.


The easiest way to get the remaining wax out of your container is to pop it in the freezer until the wax is nice and cold. The cold hardens the wax and makes it a lot easier to pop out than scraping at soft wax.


Now that your wax is nice and icy use a blunt object - such as a butter knife or hard plastic spatula - and pop the wax off the bottom of the container. If the wax proves to be extra stubborn give it a few pokes with your spatula until it cracks and dump the pieces out of the container. Make sure to be extra careful and don’t break the glass containers.


Now that your container is wax free give it a quick bath in some warm, soapy water. It’s best to hand wash your containers. We don’t test our candles for dishwasher use, that would be pretty silly.


Your sparkling clean container is now an open world for your DIY imagination! We love using our empty large core jars as fun storage in the kitchen. With their air-tight seals they’re perfect for storing flour, pasta, and sugar. Our small core jars are the perfect size for colorful flower arrangements or as pen cups to brighten up your desk or . For more container repurposing DIYs follow our Pinterest boards or follow the hashtag #BridgewaterCandles.

Bridgewater Jar Candle Repurpose

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