The Dish on Bar Soap

July 11, 2018

The Dish on Bar Soap

What comes to mind when you think of bar soap? Do you think of the decorative soaps your grandma had in her guest bathroom, the ones you were never supposed to touch? Or do you think about the near forgotten soaps you have stacked up in your linen closet? What if we told you that bar soap could now be thought of as a luxury, or as something to look forward to when you’re washing your hands. Our Sweet Grace bar soap is the luxurious addition to your hand care routine that you’ve been looking for.

Sweet Grace Bar Soap

Sweet Grace bar soap is rich and indulgent, triple milled, and is pure vegetable-based. This special formulation creates a velvety lather and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and pampered.

Sweet Grace Bar Soap Handwashing

Whether displaying this bar soap on a decorative soap dish or pairing with one of our Sweet Grace candles, this can be the perfect final touch for your bathroom décor.Sweet Grace Bar Soap and Sweet Grace Candle