Meet Idah, Maximillan, and Joyce . Idah, age 21, dreams of becoming a physical therapist. Maximillan, 21, dreams of working in medicine. And Joyce, 23, dreams of being a nurse. Under normal circumstances, their dreams of becoming these things would be fairly simple, but without parents to guide them and provide for them, these are nothing but dreams. Luckily this isn’t the case for Idah, Maximillan, and Joyce. Though growing up looks different for these kids who grow up in Children Homes, they still have plenty of opportunity and preparation for successful fulfilled lives.

So what does happen when the children that Rice Bowls provides food to, graduate from high school and “age out of their home”? The answer varies  by country and home, but at Our Fathers House in Zambia, they move into one of several transition homes.

December 5th, 2018
A Visit To My Fathers House Transition Home, Lusaka Zambia

After spending a few days with the younger kids at several of the My Fathers House homes, we made our way through Zambia’s Capital city of Lusaka, into a neighborhood not far from the My Fathers House offices. As we drew close to the home, Moses, the children’s home director pointed down a small road, saying, “I live right down that way. I can be to any of our transition homes in minutes”. It is important that the kids learn freedom and independence, but it is also good to be available, and ease them into that independence. “So far, these kids have given us no reason not to trust them”, he said.


We pulled up to the compound and our driver sounded the horn several times...the gate slid open and we stepped out of the car and went into the home. It was Christmas break and many of the kids were home from school. Several sat on the living room couch and watched a movie, some were in their rooms studying, and other just waking up after sleeping in. Moses gathered all 12  into the small living room and each of them introduced themselves, saying their name, age, career path, and where they where on their journey of becoming what they dreamed to be. Each told a story of hope. The circumstances of their past was not stopping them from attaining their future. Because of the many years invested into these kids by My Fathers House, we stood amongst not orphans, but doctors, engineers, artists, lawyers, and teachers.


These kids are family.