Afternoon Retreat

Afternoon Retreat Starter Bundle

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Get your favorite Afternoon Retreat products all in one place with this fabulous fragrance bundle! This perfect Afternoon Retreat order includes a Large Jar Candle which provides 3 meals for a child in need, a Large Sachet to enjoy for up to 9 months, and an Auto Vent Clip to keep your ride smelling fresh for up to 30 days!

What Makes it Special:
  • Candle provides 3 meals to a child in need through our Light A Candle Feed A Child program
  • Beautiful, high-quality fragrance created in-house by a dedicated team of professional perfumers
  • Soy-blend wax poured in Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S.A.

  • Fragrance: Afternoon Retreat
    Fragrance Family: Woody
    Fragrance Description: Sink back into a bed of soft moss, teak, sandalwood and amber as a light, refreshing breeze of bergamot and lime sweeps through the air.

    Use and Care:
  • Place your sachet in a closet, under the seat in your car, under your sink, or anywhere else you'd like a touch of fragrance and enjoy for up to 9 months
  • There are certain surfaces sachets should not come in contact with, take care to read the warning on the back of the envelope before using your sachet
  • Remove your new Auto Vent Clip from its packaging and raise the clip that's attached to the back
  • Turn the dial at the top of the Auto Vent Clip to the open position and connect it to the air vent
  • Adjust the intensity of your fragrance using the dial and enjoy it on the go for up to 30 days
  • Burn candle within sight and always trim wick to 1/4 in before lighting
  • Keep candle on a level surface away from drafts and allow the wax to pool to the edges before extinguishing
  • Avoid dropping debris, such as wick trimmings, into the wax
  • Extinguish the candle when your wax level reaches 1/4 inch

  • Specifications
    Package Weight (pounds): 3.39