Bridgewater Sample Kit


Experience 10 Bridgewater fragrances before you buy with the Bridgewater Sample Kit! You can take the guesswork out of scented candle shopping by smelling one third of our scents before you make your first candle purchase. When the Bridgewater Sample Kit is the only item in your cart, you get" 10 Bridgewater Sachets in our most popular fragrances" Sweet Grace, Afternoon Retreat, White Cotton, Kiss in the Rain, Soar, Spring Dress, Welcome Home, Let's Celebrate, Weekend Getaway, and Dancing Fields along with FREE SHIPPING and a $15.00 credit to come back and stock up on your new favorites. Get the Bridgewater Sample Kit for $15.00 with free shipping, and we send you a code for $15.00 off your next purchase! Each scented sachet has a lifespan up to 4 months after the date printed on the back of the envelope, and they are made with care right here in the USA.


Fragrance Family:

Volume: 7.0 CU.IN/115ML

Lifespan: UP TO 4 Months