Petite Reed Diffuser Berries Jubilee

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Berries Jubilee presents a fanfare of ripened raspberry, fresh blueberry, tart blackberry, and wild cloud berry in an aromatic declaration of fruity glee. Velvety rose and earthy rose hip impart a blooming softness to the delectable compote, while a finale of honeyed vanilla and balsamic glaze create a smothering of sugary indulgence. Enjoy this sweet, fruity fragrance for up to 30 days with a petite reed diffuser! This reed diffuser comes with fiber reeds, which don't need to be flipped. Simply place your reeds in the diffuser, and enjoy!


Fragrance Family: Fruit/Citrus

Volume: 4 FL OZ/ 120ML

Lifespan: Fragrances Up To 30 Days

Item: BW127166