Stand Out with a Ride that Always Smells Fresh

All Roads Lead to Powerful Fragrance

Say Goodbye to Car Odors

Never Be Without Your Favorite Bridgewater Fragrance

May Result in Friends & Family Always Wanting You to Drive

Buckle Up For Fresh Smelling Adventures

  • Lasts For Up to 30 Days
  • Conveniently Clips to Car Air Vent
  • High Quality Fragrance Created by In-House Team of Perfumers

See Who's Already Along For the Ride...

If you are in love with the Sweet Grace scent be sure and try the Auto Vent Clips. They last a long time are so easy to use. They are my favorite 😍

Peggy T.

Verified Buyer

First of all, this is my absolute FAVORITE scent! And, if I could ride around with it clipped in my car, then why not?! It’s absolutely perfect!

Maegen B.

Verified Buyer

I love the sweet Grace Auto clip!! Makes my truck smell so good I get so many compliments on how good my truck smells ❤️

Kim M.

Verified Buyer

I get so many compliments on this!

Gina R.

Verified Buyer

Really did like the style and scent-subtle and pleasant. My husband immediately commented on it how much he liked it when he got in my car. Will definitely order more!

Patricia R.

Verified Buyer

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